Raga Bhairavi for OBOE

Bhairavi is traditionally performed in the morning, however because many performances would last all night it is now also played/sung as the final piece in a recital.

Raga Charukeshi for VIOLA

Not all ragas have ragamala painting and Charukeshi is one of them, it is actually ‘borrowed’ from the South Indian (Carnatic) tradition.


Raga Kedar for CLARINET

This beautiful evening raga has a zig-zag movment, probably because it has been taken from an original song.


Raga Lalit for FLUTE

An early morning raga that has an almost chromatic feel but its rasa (mood) is serene and devotional.


Raga Pahadi for RECORDER

A light raga generally associated originatING from the foothills of the Himalayas.


Raga Puria Dhanashri for CELLO

A highly emotional raga recomended to be played in the evening.


Raga Bihag for VIOLIN

Created in the 15th century AD but derives from an older raga called Bilawal.

Raga Patdeep for VIBRAPHONE

A relatively modern afternoon raga which takes tonal material from a much older raga Bhimpalasi