Raga Bhairavi FOR OBOE

Bhairavi is a very popular raga that is traditionally performed in the morning, however because many performances would last all night it is now also played/sung as the final piece in a recital. Originally the notes of this raga are as below and would have been performed strictly as is but with the introduction of Persian influence to North India the style changed to incorporate nearly all 12 semitones and this is the approach in Raga Bhairavi for Oboe and Tabla. It’s history is vague but a South Indian Ragam called Thodi which is similar dates back to around 500AD. The rasa (mood) is of Compassion and devotion. 

All the notes are flattened in Bhairavi apart from the tonic and the dominant which is always natural. Throughout this website C is the tonic (Sa) but Sa can be transposed to any note and means the above starting note will change but the intervals will not.